Knowledge Under Pressure

On Organizational Learning and The Night Shift

Dan Dworkis, MD PhD
2 min readDec 8, 2022


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Field notes from what we’ve been up to, what we’ve been taking in, and what we are thinking about at The Emergency Mind Project.

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EP 74: Dr. Mike Stone on The Night Shift

Dr. Mike Stone on the physiology of mastering or at least surviving the night shift, the commitment to serve on the frontline, and much more.

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why organizations don’t learn

“Leaders must constantly emphasize that mistakes are learning opportunities rather than cause for embarrassment or punishment, and they must act in ways that reinforce that message” Great piece from the Harvard Business Review looking at why organizations struggle to learn and grow even if they publicly say they value learning. Really good lessons here for all teams performing under pressure, for whom learning is our lifeblood.

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High performing teams consistently improve the systems they work with. What small thing could you easily change in the space and systems around you that would make your team 1% better? Last newsletter, we talked about habits being a vote for who we are. In that sense, looking for and going after this 1% better is a meta-habit, a habit that improves other habits. How do you instill this discipline / meta-habit in your team?

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Keep training, and good luck out there!

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