Knowledge Under Pressure

On Learning to Lead and Regaining Confidence

Dan Dworkis, MD PhD
2 min readNov 24, 2022
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Field notes from what we’ve been up to, what we’ve been taking in, and what we are thinking about at The Emergency Mind Project.

If you have ideas or things you’d like to see — or if you want to help and get more involved — I’d love to hear from you:

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Emergencies and Mental Models for Junior Officers

Written for the United States Army’s Center for Junior Officers, this piece looks at what mental models are, how they function in emergencies, and how Junior Officers (and you) can bring them to bear in their (your) daily and operational life.

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When Your Striker has Lost Confidence

Strongly recommend this one if you have learners or lead any sort of a team. Excellent piece from sports psychologist Daniel Abrahams about what you can do as a coach to help restore your player’s confidence on the soccer/football pitch. So many applications across high-performance domains.

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Challenged recently to think re: how to make sign out / handovers safer and more effective. One idea — oncoming team meets 5–10 mins ahead of shift for a group cognitive warm up and team check in before officially starting. Another is to make sure that all parts of the team come on together to avoid mental churn. What do you think would make sign outs / hand overs better and safer?

Something you want to see? Idea for a future thing to dig into? Hit reply and let me know what you’re thinking.

Keep training, and good luck out there!

— Dan



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